photos by Dave Guttridge


"....a euphoric Afro-jazz Roots band of the utmost esteem, playing for 30 years in and around Norwich. Unforgettably uplifting, uptempo yet chilled, their live performances and loyal following always re-energise you with positivity and keep the soul soaring.

Through the 1980s they were politically active and community-spirited, putting their support behind benefit gigs for causes including anti-apartheid and the miners, free festivals in Earlham Park and regionally - and they toured Norwich's twin city, Rouen.

Regulars at UEA LCR, they also played the opening night of The Waterfront, supporting Desmond Dekker. They're a rarer sighting these days so if you hear they're playing, sieze the opportunity!

The Ouagadougous describe varied influences, including: "south African township jazz - Abdullah Ibrahim, Mongezi Feza, The Blue Notes (in exile), central African - Fela Kuti, Edikanfo, and west African hi-life - so many!, North African music including reggae - recent examples the like of Gnawa Diffusion - with a sprinkle of Cuban and Caribbean music." And they add: "After all that it comes out sounding fairly like us and noone else!!"

Their name's pronounced (oo-wagga/doo/goos) - but you can call them the Waggas. I really want them to be discovered by a new generation who would love the Waggas.

Ouagadougou is a faraway place, the capital of Burkina Faso."

So says Vinnoir - promoter of the wildly popular Crumbs for Comfort events in Norwich. Thanks Vinnie; we couldn't have put it better ourselves. By the way check out Vinnie and the excellent Crumbs for Comfort at

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