‘an irresistible mix of Balkan, Klezmer, East European swing… Something just clicks when these guys play together …... the energy of the sound is so infectious and uplifting’ - Norwich Blog

Performing traditional and original material this quartet comprising combinations of voice, guitar, saxophone, accordion, flugelhorn and tuba bring to life the musical cultures of south eastern Europe, embracing the traditional and celebrating the original.

Enthusiastic, effervescent, ecstatic, empirical, existential, erudite, eccentric, empowering, edgy, eurhythmic, edifying, effectual, euphoric, engaging, effulgent, elegiac, egalitarian, elastic, electric, emollient, empathic, enticing, equilateral, erogenous, enigmatic, essential, eco-friendly, euphonistic, emotional, evocative, energetic, evolutionary and exciting ……. Moxy Garbanzo are

Funky Eclectic Eastern Folk

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Mobile – Andy 07531 752868 or Ben 07703 403922

Listen to some music:

Virginia by Andy Kirkham and Hugh Stanners

Eric Cakes and his laughing trombone by Andy Kirkham

Mr. Gold by Andy Kirkham


Watch some performances:

Liebedich and Freylach Traditional arranged Moxy Garbanzo

Pies by Andy Kirkham and Hugh Stanners

Bald Man by Andy Kirkham and Hugh Stanners

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Andy Kirkham – voice, guitar

Writer and arranger of many of the band's tunes Andy works as a solo singer/songwriter playing Eastern and African tunes and original pieces. He has collaborated with Hugh Stanners in the Eastern European influenced bands Klunk and Pinky Umbrella. He also performs as a classical guitarist and in the trio Eastern Straynotes playing jazz from the 30s & 40s.

Hugh Stanners – accordion, flugelhorn

Hugh has played in bands since he was knee high to a grasshopper, he hasn't grown much but has played with various outfits covering a variety of styles including World and Roots music, Jazz and Americana. During this time he studied Music at the Royal Academy and at Kingston University with Andy Kirkham. After playing trumpet/flugel, piano and keyboards Hugh took up accordion. He has since collaborated with Andy Kirkham and others on Eastern European influenced projects, including the popular Klunk and Pinky Umbrella, leading to the current Moxy Garbanzo extravaganza. Hugh also plays with the popular local combo, The Vagaband.

Trevor Rowland – saxophone, voice

Trevor has been making music since he was 15 years old. Originally a guitarist with successful 1960's band The Wild Oats he switched to saxophone in the eighties and has performed with many outfits in a variety of genres:  Skiffle, rock, rhythm and blues, folk, country, big band and in more recent years, African and jazz. Current bands in addition to Moxy Garbanzo are The He Hews (Brecon Jazz Festival 2014) and Red Shadow Quartet.

Ben Higham – tuba, flugelhorn

Ben plays trumpet, flugelhorn and tuba and composes. He leads Monk Inc (a piano-less quintet playing the music of Thelonious Monk – Propensity on Comuse Records and The Brass Monkeys (Passion [1] on 33 Records, and is a member of experimental trumpet duo some things ( and the trio, Arthur, exploring the music of Arthur Blythe ( Over the last 30 years he is a sometime member of The Ouagadougous, The Mingus Project and Loverly (Life on 33 Records), an occasional guest with The People Band (Live at Café Oto [2016] on 33 Records), as well as engaging in spontaneous musical collaborations and the occasional session. In December 2016 The Brass Monkeys, Arthur and some things undertook a successful 5 date Triple Bill UK tour with financial support from the Arts Council of England.

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