In December 2016 Arthur was part of a Triple Bill of exciting and original bands from Norwich that toured the UK, funded by Arts Council England.
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‘Fiery and energetic’

Initially inspired by the work of Arthur Blythe the radical jazz trio Arthur play rare tunes, original compositions and improvisations with verve and passion.

The band members….
Simon Youngman on alto sax,
Ben Higham on tuba and
Geoff Charlton on drums
…..have been involved in various creative collaborations over the last 30 years. In particular they seek to explore how the work of significant artists in jazz - such as Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Herbie Nichols, Archie Shepp, Arthur Blythe and other iconoclasts - have influenced an evolutionary art form.



Arthur launch their new CD On it on 33Xtreme ( containing some live tracks from the recent Triple Bill Tour


Watch us play

Vertex by Simon Youngman performed by jazz trio Arthur at the Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, on 16/12/16 as part of The Triple Bill Tour funded by Arts Council England


New York Strut by Ben Higham performed by jazz trio Arthur at Vinyl Tap Records, Huddersfield on 17/12/16 as part of The Triple Bill Tour funded by Arts Council England


Rambler by Bob Stewart performed by jazz trio Arthur at Alby Jazz, Norfolk on 10/12/16 as part of The Triple Bill Tour funded by Arts Council England


Stuffy Turkey by Thelonious Monk performed by jazz trio Arthur at Ashburton Live on 18.12.16 as part of the Triple Bill Tour funded by Arts Council England

Hear us play

The Happenings is a tune by Herbie Nichols performed by Jazz trio Arthur at the Wymondham Music Festival on 02/07/2017


Miss Nancy is a tune by Arthur Blythe performed by jazz trio Arthur at the Wymondham Music Festival on 02/07/2017


One Mint Julep is a tune written by Rudy Toombs performed live by jazz trio Arthur at The Rose Tavern, Norwich on 12/3/15

Rambler is a tune written by Bob Stewart performed live by jazz trio Arthur at The Rose Tavern, Norwich on 12/3/15


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Phone – +44 7703 403922

Simon Youngman – alto saxophone

As well as with ARTHUR Simon currently plays with MONK INC. (a collective taking a radical, and piano-free, re-look at some of Monk’s most intriguing compositions), THE BRASS MONKEYS and funk soul outfit THE ORGANIC SOUL SOCIETY. He also leads the occasional MINGUS PROJECT big band.

Over the last 30 years he has worked with many of the leading improvising musicians in East Anglia such as Dave Amis, Simon Brown and Ben Higham. Early experience in workshops led by Elton Dean and Keith Tippett led to him being a member of Amis’ THE JAZZTET in Norwich and to forming his own Quintet in the mid 80’s that is still in existence.

In the 1990’s Simon started working with local acid jazz band THE PERSUADERS (recording for James Taylor’s record label), latin jazz group CUBOP EXPRESS and began a 20 year association with local African high life legends, THE OUAGADOUGOUS.

Ben Higham – tuba

As well as ARTHUR, and alongside intermittent experiments and spontaneous music-making (including recent outings with the extended PEOPLE BAND – a guest on Live at Café Oto, 33xtreme 2015) I play with MONK INC. – Propensity, Comuse Records 2010 (, some things, a brass duo embracing original composition, arrangement and improvisation (, THE BRASS MONKEYS (Passion [1] on 33 Records, and LOVERLY (Life on 33 Records, – with Maggie Nicols/Paul Jolly/Mel Davis/Julia Doyle, MOXY GARBANZO - a bunch of ‘eclectic eastern folk’ (, the MINGUS PROJECT and I am a founder member of the infamous Norwich-based afro-latin band THE OUAGADOUGOUS.

In 1985 I formed the nine-piece band PARALLEL, which included Julia Doyle, Paul Rutherford, Eddie Parker and Courtney Pine. Around the same time I was involved in some of John Stevens’ adventurous projects – in particular FAST COLOUR with Annie Whitehead, Evan Parker, Dudu Pukwana and Pinise Saul.

Experimentation continued over the next few years with the dark textures of TODO with Paul Jolly (The People Band, Loverly), Neville Murray (Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart) and Mark Howe (Basti, The Neutrinos) and the melodies and harmonies of LOCKED HORNS, an alto saxophone and tuba duo with Simon Youngman.

In 1998 I collaborated with the singer and composer Jon Baker (early Innereklang, The Neutrinos) to win a Sonic Arts Network/Arts Council commission. This was to compose a four-piece suite exploring the relationship between technology and breath and the tension between sequencing and improvisation, all around the theme of memory. THE MONGREL PROJECT also involved Maggie Nicols (voice) and Paul Jolly (saxes). The commission was premiered at a performance at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London in 1999.

Geoff Charlton - drums

Studied Orchestral Percussion with Angus Honeyman. Played in local orchestras and theatrical and musical productions around East Anglia, including concerts with the Norwich Philharmonic. Toured Germany with a big band and got increasingly involved in local big band jazz. Also started playing with smaller groups such as Julian Siegel’s MOTHERS UNION. Then loads of summer season work, and cruise ship and cabaret work.

Studied with Paul Brodie of the BBC big band and Trevor Tompkins. Then more tours of Germany with musical productions. Then 3 years playing percussion in Athens, Korinthos, and Crete followed by more cruises and more cabaret. Played pantomime in London. Studied Tabla in India. Moved to Cuba and studied Latin percussion with Lali Gonzales In Havana.

For the last 17 years I have been back in Norwich playing with more big bands, country and rock and roll bands. Recorded four CDs with progressive rockers MAGIC FOLK. Joined MONK INC. in 2008 and then also working with Higham and Youngman In THE BRASS MONKEYS and, more recently, ARTHUR becoming more and more interested with the freer aspects of jazz. I continue to gig with the JONATHAN WYATT BIG BAND, rock and roll band SIROCCO, and Dave Ingham’s fusion band PANGEA and occasional percussion with THE OUAGADOUGOUS.